NBI model of services

  • Next-generation sequencing analysis: The long-term commitment of the NBI is to provide robust and reproducible pipelines for numerous omics applications. Currently, the NBI provides support for several transcriptomics applications, such as bulk RNA-seq (whole-transcriptome, mRNA), single-cell/nuclei RNA-seq, CITE-seq and epigenomics applications such as whole-genome bisulfite sequencing (WGBS), reduced representation bisulfite sequencing (RRBS), and immunoprecipitation sequencing techniques such as MeDIP-seq, MBD-seq, ChIP-seq.

Note that genomic analysis such as variant calling is available through the UAB Biological Data Science core. We encourage interested investigators to schedule a consultation for this service through U-BDS.

Further, epigenomics applications are currently available only to Neurobiology investigators, but will be available at U-BDS to the greater community in the future.

  • Visualization of omics data: Presenting the wealth of information from an omics study is crucial for scientists to effectively relay their data. The NBI produces high-quality figures from omics data.
  • Support for writing manuscripts and grant applications: Formal assistance is provided during the writing/reviewing stages of manuscript and grants to ensure that the bioinformatics methods and data are properly described.
  • Project-specific requests such as writting R Shiny applications. See our “Ratlas” app written for Dr. Jeremy Day, Department of Neurobiology, as an example.
  • Bioinformatics training: The NBI is happy to provide group or one-on-one training sessions to aid the community in the utilization of bioinformatics resources.

NOTE: In collaboration with Dr. Brittany Lasseigne and her lab, we are developing a series of introductory guides for data science and also providing weekly open office hours for UAB trainees, faculty and staff every Thursday from 3:30pm - 4:00pm. All educational materials and more information on the open office hours are being hosted at Dr. Lasseigne’s website at: https://www.lasseigne.org/education/

Representative workflow from NBI services